George Zimmerman investigators: Startling motive for shooting Trayvon Martin

ImageAs the FBI closes in on commencing the initial phase of what is foreseen as a long and grueling investigation into the fatal shooting of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, investigators have begun to scour the residence of George Zimmerman, 27, in search of key details and evidence that may shed light on the circumstances surrounding the February 26 shooting that claimed the life of Martin, 17. “It’s a process that must be respected and given time to unravel itself,” stated lead FBI investigator, Marques Graves Saturday afternoon. However dismaying, Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey could soon face an ultimatum once Zimmerman’s Aspiron laptop is admitted into evidence at the trial’s opening arguments.

What chief FBI investigator Hallen Jameson stumbled upon Saturday afternoon generated a rift in the initial search of Zimmerman’s property. Among facebook messenger, eBay biddings, and Bank of America online banking, also dwelt a Firefox Mozilla browser history containing URLs to several pornographic websites aimed toward gay Black men. The sites visited were,, and, to name a few, with the latter being visited four times just hours prior to the shooting. Graphic in nature, the sites are premium adult pay sites containing images, videos, and erotic stories of Black ‘thug’ males engaging in sexual acts with other men. Several investigators and detectives have begun incorporating these findings into what may be an incredible twist in what may factor a role into the true motivation behind Zimmerman fatally shooting the Black teen in February. Perhaps an unreciprocated sexual invitation gone awry? Zimmerman’s residence had been warded off immediately after the fatal shooting. The IT programmer assigned to the investigation has declined to give further detail into the brow-raising discovery.Image

Zimmerman faces a second-degree murder charge, and is awaiting a bond hearing on Friday, June 29, after having his inital bail and bond revoked upon investigators discovering a sum of almost 200,000 dollars sitting in a PayPal account.


One thought on “George Zimmerman investigators: Startling motive for shooting Trayvon Martin

  1. I figured he was Bi-Sexual or Gay. This dude probably made a advance at Trayvon, Trayvon I’m sure was trying to beat his butt. Some guys just don’t roll like that. But Zimmerman will have all the black guys he desire real soon. Just hope he doesn’t drop the soap to often.

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